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Glulam Installation

Experienced Cross Laminated & Glulam Timber Installers

Glulam, also called glue-laminated timber (GLT), is an engineered wood product comprised of various layers that are bonded together with durable, moisture-resistant structural adhesives. The process of laminating small pieces of lumber results in a large, strong timber. This structural timber can be used as vertical columns, horizontal beams and curved or arched shapes.

The versatility of glulam allows for clients to be even more creative with their designs. That’s why Mytec specializes in the unique services of mass timber and glulam installation in the Edmonton area.

Versatile Uses for Glulam Installation

Due to its beauty, glulam is most commonly used to create striking, exposed constructions such as vaulted ceilings. It is also perfect for hidden applications such as purlins, ridge beams and garage door headers due to its strength. Whether you’re building a church, public gathering space or other commercial structure, glulam installation might be the perfect addition to your construction.

As one of the leaders in the industry with years of experience working with mass timber building systems, Mytec:

  • Specializes in mass timber and glulam installation
  • Is an experienced cross laminated timber (CLT) and GLT systems installer
  • Has experience with post and beam, hybrid, timber and steel systems

Cross laminated timber is another type of engineered wood building system. Similar to glulam, CLT can complement light- and heavy-timber framing options due to its strength and dimensional stability. It’s a great alternative to concrete, masonry and steel in commercial buildings.

We are the perfect choice for all of your construction needs. Contact us today to request a free estimate or more information about our glulam installation services in Edmonton..

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